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Dynamik Skins – speedup the design of your Genesis website

Cobalt Apps Dynamik Skins

In the Dynamik Website Builder Review, we walked through the Dynamik Settings and touched some of the Dynamik Design options. At the end of that post, we had a look at the Export tab, where we exported our work as a Dynamik Skin, and as a Genesis child theme. Besides exporting your work as a skin, you can also import skins. In this post we will have a closer look at ...  [Read More]

Dynamik Website Builder Review

Dynamik Video Introduction Capture

It is already over two years ago that we had a first look at the Dynamik Website Builder. That was shortly after the initial release. The current version is 1.7.1, so an up-to-date Dynamik Website Builder Review is definitely justified. The Dynamik Website Builder, or Dynamik for short, is a product of Cobalt Apps. Just like the Genesis Extender, which has been reviewed here ...  [Read More]

Genesis Framework Review – up-to-date for version 2 with HTML5 markup

Features of the Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework by StudioPress provides the perfect foundation for Genesis child themes - and websites. A Genesis child theme changes the design, and adds features to the foundation offered by the Genesis Framework. Ready-to-run child themes are available from StudioPress, and from Genesis specialized theme shops like Appfinite. Another option is to have a Genesis ...  [Read More]

Headway Themes Project Part 3 – Creating the Homepage for wilwebs.org

Headway Themes Layout Inheritance

In the earlier episodes of this series, we created a layout and added styling to that layout. Together these make the design of a website. When building a website with Headway, you usually start with the blog index. The layout and styling of the blog template offer the foundation for all other page templates; single posts, single pages, homepage, portfolio, 404 page, etc. ...  [Read More]