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Mobile plugins for WordPress compared

Mobile plugins for WordPress compared

As you probably know, Google has changed its search algorithm again. This time to benefit mobile searchers. Since April 21, mobile users of Google search are presented results not only relevant to their query, but also leading to sites offering a positive user experience on mobile devices. Almost half of the search queries are executed from phones and tables, so ...  [Read More]

Goodbye FeedBurner, Hello MailChimp

Moving from Feedburner to MailChimp

Back in 2012, when I started this blog, FeedBurner was the e-mail service to go for bloggers offering visitors the ability to subscribe through RSS. As most of you, I really do not know what Google's intentions are with FeedBurner. Does Google know? There is a lot of rumor that they are going to shut down FeedBurner. As far as I know, Google has never confirmed ...  [Read More]

Install WordPress on your Windows PC in four easy steps

WordPress logo

The best approach to learning is playing. This is also true for WordPress. Even when you have mastered WordPress and your blog is up and running steadily, it is good to have a local WordPress installation for testing new versions of WordPress, themes and plugins. Or develop new websites. Your own, or your clients'. A prerequisite for a local install of WordPress is a ...  [Read More]

Prototyping with Genesis and Dynamik – Redesigning WPfy.me

WPfyme screenshot

For some time already, I had been thinking about adding a static homepage to this website. In which case, a magazine like front page would be the most obvious choice, since WPfy.me is a blog. The post about the Dynamik Skins was an excellent opportunity to try the BlogPress skin. Generally, all Dynamik skins offer a pre-customized layout and styling. And BlogPress ...  [Read More]